清仓新年特价福袋礼盒. 所有商品都是断码, 清库存-1到2件的款式. 商品会以随机发的形式, 大家请在购物车处留言尺码和体重, 更精准的话可以留下胸围,腰围和臀围尺寸. 以确保您收到的尺码都能穿.

大家也可以许愿心目中想要的款式, 大家可以留言:

Eg- 订单: Set 3, 三件组合上衣

  • Preference 1 :3件款式名字,尺码,颜色
  • Preference 2 :3件款式名字 ,尺码,颜色
  • Preference 3 :3件款式名字 ,尺码,颜色

一个套组大家可以许三个愿望,以确保优先选择preference1 已售罄, 我们将会考虑preference2 或 3. 我们都会尽力给大家安排到心中想要的款式. 但是不能保证100%,所以大家手速要快. 以订单顺序为准. 福袋礼盒商品一律不接受退换服务.


Clearance New Year Special: Lucky Box Gift Sets. All items are in limited sizes, with only 1-2 pieces available. Products will be randomly selected. Please leave your size and weight in the shopping cart comments. For more precision, include bust, waist, and hip measurements. This ensures that you will receive sizes that fit you perfectly.

You can also make wishes for each set,  Please comment:

Eg- Order: Set 3, 3pcs of Top

  • Preference 1: 3 pcs names, sizes, and color
  • Preference 2: 3 pcs names, sizes, and color
  • Preference 3: 3 pcs names, sizes, and color

Each set allows for three wishes. In case Preference 1 is sold out, we will consider Preference 2 or 3 in your order. We will do our best to fulfill your desired styles but it's not 100% guarantee. Orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. All products in the gift sets are not valid for return & exchange service.



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